What does Wanderlust say to you? Exciting? Inspirational?

What does Wanderlust Festivals say you to you? Even more exciting? Even more inspirational? Just tell me already!

Welcome to our last blog post Wanderlust Festivals: 4 Mind Blowing Festivals You Must Experience. We love festivals. We love festivals all over the world. And with this blog post, we will post 4 of the best festivals that you must experience round around the world! 


WHERE: South East Asia, Thailand

WHEN: December 

Rainbow Serpent Festival is a 4-day annual open-air electronic music, art, and lifestyle festival that takes place during the Australia Day long weekend, around 26 January, in Lexton, Victoria, 160 kilometers west of Melbourne, Australia. 

An aggregation of color, creativity and wondrous smiles. Blow your mind, be barefoot, stamp your feet to the music, all in the soft dirt of the Australian bush. What more do you want from a festival?! 


WHERE: USA, California

WHEN: September 

The fest started it's life as a Mad Max themed gathering in 2010 and in just seven years has become a ‘bucket list’ festival for fans of anything postapocalyptic!

4000 people drive into the Mojave Desert just outside California City to fight in the Thunderdome, barter goods, watch shows and bands, gamble, and party like it’s the end of the world.

That's exactly why we feel its a must experience mind blowing festival!


WHERE: Eastern Europen, Bulgaria

WHEN: June

It has to be one of the most picturesque festivals around the world! Situated on the top of a mountain in rural Bulgaria, it's truly a mind blowing experience!

Which festivals have you visited around the world? We wanna know! Drop a comment below!

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