• RANKED: 7 Best KISS Songs EVER!

    RANKED: 7 Best KISS Songs EVER!
    Ready to buy some KISS merch? View our KISS Collection now! Growing up I LOVED metal! From 13 I was a young hell-raising metal kid into Megadeth, Machine Head and Metallica. I had the long hair, the band tees. The works! Then the day came when I was introduced to...KISS! Just, wow. I may not have the long hair or wear band tees nowadays but I'm still a...
  • GetRealFunky.com Launch KISS Collaboration

    GetRealFunky.com Launch KISS Collaboration
    We are SO darn excited here at GRFHQ as today we launch our collaboration with the world-famous rock band KISS! Find out more + limited time only promo code!
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