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Growing up I LOVED metal!

From 13 I was a young hell-raising metal kid into Megadeth, Machine Head and Metallica.

I had the long hair, the band tees. The works!

Then the day came when I was introduced to...KISS!

Just, wow.

I may not have the long hair or wear band tees nowadays but I'm still a massive fan!

That is why I recently came across an article from guitarworld.com that ranked the best ever 21 songs by KISS! 

And it got my attention! This is 7 best KISS songs ever! Enjoy!


Did I disagree with some of them? Yeah.

Did I agree with some of them? Hell yeah! 🤘

But one thing that we do agree on, KISS is one hell of a band!

As ranked by guitarworld.com these are the 7 Best KISS Songs EVER!

7.“Strange Ways,” from Hotter Than Hell

Kiss does a cool job on this, but check out the Megadeth version from the “Warchest” box set. It's awesome.

6. I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire),” from Animalize

Great song!

5.“Saint and Sinner” and “War Machine,” from Creatures of the Night

These rock! Also the version of “Creatures of the Night” from the Alive III record is awesome. It also totally captures the live Kiss experience on record.

4.“Burning Up with Fever” and “True Confessions,” from the Kiss Gene Simmonssolo album.

Very cool album, I love these two tracks especially.

3.“Raise Your Glasses,” from Psycho Circus

This song should be taught in a “great songwriting 101” class. Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, middle eight, then guitar solo. Brilliant!

2.“I Want You,” from Rock and Roll Over

Amazing song. For me it really sums up what made the Seventies-era Kiss so great.

1.“Black Diamond,” from Kiss My Ass

This is the tribute album version by Yoshiki. The Kiss version, of course, is amazing, but this one is so cool. I urge people to check it out. It’s a beautifully arranged epic classical version.

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What do you reckon are these the 7 best Kiss Songs Ever? Do you agree? Disagree? Add your comments below!

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