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Printed tees are kind of a funny thing. We all wear them, probably all the time, but they tend to look like a part of that “just running down to grab some groceries” outfit that’s usually coupled with house slippers and tracksuit bottoms.

So, how do some gals manage to take a plain old tee and make it look like the chicest thing in the world? How do they turn such a simple, staple garment into the trendiest, most fashion-forward thing you’ve ever seen?

Well, they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves. Luckily, so do we, and we’re just about to share them with you with our article How to Wear Printed Tees and Look Like a Fashion Influencer.

Throw a cool jacket over it

Throw a cool jacket over it

The best thing about tees is that they’re versatile, and you don’t actually need to pair them with something casual to make them work. Want a rocker chic look? Grab a leather jacket, a pair of skinny jeans, and a thin, long necklace to go with your tee. Chucks or ankle boots work well for this look and all you need is a cute backpack to top it off. Want a warm weather version of this look? Easy, just lose the jacket and switch your jeans for distressed denim shorts. You can wear black fishnets underneath and stick to combat boots and you’ll still have that deliciously dangerous edge. A band t-shirt will work well here, so pick a KISS print and rock it.

Coordinate your accessories

Accessories can really change the tone of your outfit, so simple jeans and tee combo can go any way you want it to. With a few bangles on your arm, some colorful earrings, and cute sandals, you’ll make it look really trendy and like you’ve put a lot of thought into creating your outfit.

Tuck them into your skirt

Tuck them into your skirt

Pencil skirts and graphic tees go amazingly well together! All you need is the right piece, so grab a nice Jacquemus skirt and use it as the base for your look. You’ll want to tuck your t-shirt into it, and we suggest that you do a half tuck to make it look effortlessly chic. You could also knot it to make your shirt into an impromptu crop top! Pair this look with a killer pair of sunglasses and wedged heels and you’re ready for the runway!

Style them up with a blazer

Style them up with a blazer

A blazer makes pretty much anything more polished, and you can take it a step further and wear it with a pantsuit. Yep, it totally works, especially because of the contrast it presents. Pick a graphic tee with your favorite meme, and wear it with a cool red pantsuit and you’ll keep it all looking very high-fashion, and very personalized. This can also work if you choose a skirt instead of pants, or even sassy little formal shorts and a blazer. Just keep your accessories minimal here because the suit will be doing all the work, and pick a pair of smart-looking shoes such as Oxfords to keep it stylish.

Layer it up

Layering clothes is an old fashion trick that works really well when you want to make your outfit look more interesting and thought-out. With a slim, form-fitting long sleeved shirt underneath and a denim skirt, you could really take your outfit to the next level, but do make sure that whatever you’re wearing underneath has a tighter fit. Otherwise, it might make everything look lumpy.

Make it dramatic

Make it dramatic

Okay, check this combo out: a tee with a funky print, a pair of high heels, some jeans, and a big fur coat. It’s weird, dramatic, and not for the faint of heart, but fashion savvy-gals will know the importance of playing around with cuts and styles. Just like with a pantsuit, these contrasts really show off your uniqueness and push you out of your comfort zone, and that’s exactly when good fashion starts happening.

The best of style divas know how to use their staples well. Picking your old shirt that you didn’t think could be worn anywhere except around the house and making it work for a high-fashion event can actually help you build your skills, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try these tips.

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