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Over the course of the past few years, numerous bags have come in style and then, like Elvis, left the building.

The bucket bag had a brief moment of popularity, baguette was the it bag of the early 2000s, and even wide shopper bags had their moment under the sun. And while all of these were perfectly stylish, and are still chic in their own ways, the fashion world was starved for something new.

Finally, the new it bag we’ve been waiting for with a baited breath came, and it was a surprise to say the least.

We expected something new, and we got the ‘90s iconic fanny pack.

However, as evidenced by the history of the fanny pack, which was usually worn out of convenience, but never as a fashion statement, the bag has gone through quite the transformation.  

It actually makes for a huge fashion statement now, and it’s not rocked by tracksuit-wearing dudes anymore.

This time, the fanny is here to cater to girls predominantly, and the best part is – there is more than one way to wear it, along with many variations of the bag itself in terms of design.

So, let’s see how the biggest fashion influencers of today are choosing to wear it, so we can follow suit and look as trendy as they do.

The most popular way



The Marmont quilted leather belt bag has probably gained the most popularity when it comes to this type of bag.

Its appeal lies in the fact that it’s belted in a way suitable for hugging your waist, but the bag itself doesn’t look like a traditional fanny pack.

The quality fabric, the chic design and of course, the logo, simply make you want to rock it with outfits that match the chicness of the bag itself.

Now, you can wear it over a breezy summer dress, and a pair of amazing ladies shoes of your choosing or a well-fitted suit (under the blazer, and keep the blazer unbuttoned).

You can also embrace the upcoming summer vibes and rock it with a kimono and cut-off short like Madebyf.

There is literally no outfit this bag won’t work with – unless it’s something you would wear on a red carpet, then stick to a traditional clutch.

Of course, you don’t have to break the bank as there are plenty of bags that look very similar to the Gucci one, we’re just giving you the general idea – but if you can afford it, do splurge on it.

Similar, but different



Whether you’re rocking a designer or any other great fanny pack, it’s important not to forget the original way it was and continues to be worn – front and center, Kendall Jenner style.

It’s bold, it’s practical, it keeps the hands free and don’t worry about mixing different patterns, because statement dressing is all the rage now.

The athleisure way



It’s was inevitable – athleisure and the fanny pack are a match made in heaven, and it was a matter of time when the two will meet and become best friends.

Now, at this point, we have to turn to the queen of athleisure and major influencer – Bella Hadid – to see how she incorporates the bag into her ensembles.

Whether she’s going low-key in a pair of jeans and a tube top or is in full sportswear gear, Bella likes her fanny pack tucked under her arm.

It almost looks likes she’s wearing it like a messenger bag, only way smaller. It’s definitely something we wouldn’t think of, but it looks ultra cool.

To the left to the left



If you want to make an unexpected choice, you can always take your trusty fanny pack and turn it to the side a bit, or maybe all the way so that the pouch is practically sitting on your waist.

It doesn’t only make for a nice stylish twist, but it can also be quite handy, particularly if you turn it to the side where your dominant hand is – you can reach whatever you need in a jiffy.

Like a backpack?



Oh yes, there is yet another way to sport the fanny pack, and if it can go sideways, front and center, under the arm, why not turn it a few degrees and place it all the way to the back?

It’s not the most practical choice, although you can just pull the strap and get everything you need from the pouch, but it makes for a helluva great look and we definitely advise you to try it – just like Nisa Miranda Jones did.

Doesn’t it look incredibly cool and totally outside the box? This is probably the biggest reason to love the fanny pack – you can create so many versatile looks with just one bag. It can look sporty, chic, casual, dressy – it’s an accessory chameleon and we’re glad it’s back.

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