European Festivals Not To Be Missed in May, June & July 2018

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Here at we love our music festivals!

What better way to escape everyday life by dressing up in stand out clothing and accessories and showcasing your unique and amazing personality to the world! 

In this article we take a in-depth look at European Festivals Not To Be Missed in May, June & July 2018! Enjoy! 

Brighton Festival

DATES: 5 – 27 May


A 3 week (yea 3 damn weeks!) yearly outdoor celebration of all kind of arts.

Regarded as England’s biggest curated mixed arts festival attracting some of the most innovative artist and companies from around the would, a must see! 

GERMANY, Rhine in Flames, down the River Rhine from Linz to Bonn on summer nights – a massive and amazing coordinated fireworks display from boats, stately buildings and the surrounding countryside. Germany Travel

Prague Spring International Music Festival 

DATES: 12 May – 3 June


Prague Spring International Music Festival is one of Europe’s best classical music events, with some of world’s leading soloists and orchestras in outstandingly medieval Prague.

Vienna Festival (Wiener Festwochen)

DATES: 11 May – 17 June


A 5 week (yeah, 5 damn weeks!) fest offering wide range of arts including music,  dance and theater, set in magnificent buildings of Vienna. 

Oslo Constitution Day

DATES: 17 May


This Norway festival is to celebrate independence from Denmark, and if famous for its folk music, parades, entertainment and people in traditional costumes. A must see when visiting Norway! 

Cannes International Film Festival

DATES: 9 – 20 May


The world’s most glamorous film festival, every year. Festival de Cannes! 

Bath International Music Festival

DATES: 19 – 28 May


Classical and other musical styles in this, the most classical of all UK cities.

Primavera Sound


DATES: 30 May – 3 June


Oe of Spain’s biggest music festivals 6km from Barcelona. Primavera Sound is famous for its line-ups focusing on eclectic, new, independent music. Must experience for electric music lovers! 

Isle of Wight Festival 

DATES:  21 – 24 June

LOCATED: UK, Isle of Wight

This legendary festival started in the late 60’s and is now held annually at Seaclose Park, Newport.

Download Festival


DATES: 8 – 10 June

LOCATED: ENGLAND, Derby/Nottingham

It's the UK’s largest rock and metal music festival, held yearly at Donington Park, Derby. 

The fest is known for its relaxed community feel and for its massive headlines from heavy metal, to punk - in fact all types of rock music! Perfect, and a must experience for any rock music fan! 

Granada International Festival of Dance and Music

DATES: 22 June – 8 July


This fest is a superb event in varied, amazing locations such as the spectacular Alhambra.

Stonehenge Summer Solstice 


DATES: 21 June


A midsummer night ritual with druids, hippies and new age peeps. Fascinating, and you get to touch the actual Stonehenge stones - a deffo no go generally!

INmusic Festival

DATES: 25 – 27 June


This is Croatia‘s biggest outdoor event that features modern rock music and is one of Europe’s up and coming fests.

Held beside Lake Jarun and with camping it’s said to be Glastonbury’s sunny alternative or ‘Woodstock of the 21st century’! Interesting and worth a look!

Roskilde Festival

DATES: 30 June – 7 July


Roskilde fest is one of five Europe’s largest rock music festivals, running since 1971.

Famous dudes from all over the world has blessed the stage including Bob Marley, U2, Metallica and Radiohead. JEEZ. 

Glastonbury Festival


DATES: NA 2018, moved to 2019!


A world know massive, multiple music event, with different stages featuring different music, mostly rock variations.

This is the closest to Woodstock most of us will ever get.

Thank ya lucky stars if you score a ticket as these are VERY difficult to acquire so try and book as far in advance as poss!

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Which European festival in the next couple of months tickles your fancy? We wanna know! Leave a comment below!

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