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Are you looking for a discount/promo code for Then you've come to the right place - the official website! 

You've searched the internet far and wide for a discount/promo code for and we want to deliver!

As you know our mission is to inspire people all over the world to show off their amazing personality through clothing and accessories - we want the world to Stand Out From The Crowd! 

So, if that means we have to give you a helping hand to do so, we will!

The codes

So, let's get right to it!

  • Is it your birthday? Or a family member or a friend? Get FREE shipping on all worldwide orders - BIRTHDAY
  • 15% off our full range of fanny packs/bum bags - AWESOME

How to use your discount/promo code

Just follow the steps below...

  1. Choose awesome products you want to buy, click add to cart on each product page (the big orange button you can't miss it!) and these will appear in your cart. Your cart is always up there in the top right corner of our navigation menu (Shopping Cart) so you know what's in it at all times!
  2. Once on the cart page (, click the big orange button that says "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" if you want to pay by card or click the PayPal button if, you guessed it, you prefer to pay through PayPal - we accept all major cards too! Making it as convenient as possible for you to purchase your goodies! 
  3. Now you're in the checkout process, you have two choices sign up (and receive even more discounts through email) or proceed as a guest
  4. Now enter your address, then the black button "Continue to shipping method"
  5. Once here, choose the shipping method and then click the black button "Enter your credit card details next"
  6. This is the part where you save money! Enter your code in the box where it says "Discount". Its grey and located to the right side of the screen. Then click apply! You will then see your discount! 
  7. Final step! Enter your card details (we use the latest tech so everything is safe and secure!) or choose to pay through PayPal and click the final black button "Complete order", and you're all done. A confirmation email will be delivered to you shortly! 

Put simply...

  1. Choose awesome products
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Follow the instructions and enter your discount code
  4. Complete your order!

If you encounter any problems or issues using our website please reach out to us at and we will give you a helping hand!


There you go! Enjoy!

We are SO happy that you've chosen to join us on our mission to inspire people from around the world to Stand Out From The Crowd through clothing and accessories! Happy shopping! 

Team Funky x

P.S if you tag us on Facebook and/or Instagram with @GETREALFUNKY you got the chance to be featured on our homepage and socials! 

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