7 Trendy athleisure wear for workout


Trying to stay fit or working out can be a real task, but figuring out what clothes to wear while doing it is not similar. Fashion indeed keeps transforming, with time. In accordance, the trendy athleisure is now drawing a lot of attention. Athleisure fashion is a combination of a sporty and stylish manner. And, if you sometimes wear the same, while on the move, it looks chic! Not only is it comfortable during your hectic workout schedule, but considered as big a perk, while wearing in public.


As this particular fashion has captured today's fashion world, many branded retailers are introducing an incredibly chic collection of sportswear. Right from celebs to regular gym-goers, the athleisure look has carved an effortless niche in the fashion domain.

Fashioning an on-trend athleisure look is not just throwing away your good old gym clothes. With the current implausible athletic wear collections, there is no excuse for not looking on-point! Plan to invest in these basics to fashion a look that is off-the-cuff, stylish, and not too overly done! Keep reading the seven must-have athleisure wear for your workout. And get an idea of re-creating the hep-and-happening athleisure looks.

  • Body Fit Joggers

During your workout, flexibility is not just directly related to your body, but to your gym clothes as well. Joggers are any day recommended as one among the other athleisure wear. Nothing is worth wearing a well-made jogger during your workout session. It will help you to be at ease and keep you in fashion. Plan to team it with a pair of modern-day, crop top or tanks to create the perfect fashion statement.

  • Right pair of Athleisure Leggings

Leggings considered as the base of any athleisure wardrobe, and it mostly applies to women. Any of whom not owning one is missing out on something great. Right from enhancing your whole outlook, to making you feel comfortable, the right pair of leggings does do wonders. The good-quality and broad and high waistline leggings help in gifting you with a flat tummy! Try investing in a couple of branded leggings, as they prove useful in the long-run. Those made of good quality spandex has the advantage of giving a good stretch. If you plan to wear them during your gym sessions, spend on those specifically designed for the athletes. Otherwise, a synthetic and faux-leather finish leggings can be a right choice, if you plan on wearing it for a day-out.


  • Trendy Tank-Tops and Crop-Tops

Trendy crop-tops, as well as  tank-tops are getting famous among gym-goers, in recent times. The trendiest tank-tops are the right way to showcase your toned body and midriff. They are among the hottest athleisure must-haves in their closets comfortably paired with high-waist or broad-band leggings. Sometimes, they can be switched over by wearing a crop-top, as they both are apt as gym wear. Moreover, they can work as street-wear!

  • Wind-breakers

Trendy, yet comfortable wind-breaker is another athleisure wear, which has created ripples in the fashion world. May it be made of shiny or matt-finish pastel-shaded fabric, retro or modern looks gives an extra volume to your gym gear. The ones with zippers are more versatile, as compared to the pull-on ones. Usually perfect for all seasons, the athleisure wind-breakers looks just right, if worn with the right gear.

  • Comfortable Sweatshirts

During your gym session, the warm-up is a must. Cardio exercises are done to acclimate your body for the future activities. And while you are on with your cardio, you have to sweat it out thoroughly. A comfortable and trendy sweatshirt will answer to all your demands. It will not only keep you covered but will assist you in sweating out the extras! Grunge styles or loose fit ones will help in doing wonders.

  • Athleisure Gym-shoes or Sneakers


Just like your comfortable pair of gym leggings, your old pair of gym shoes also has a significant role to play. They also help in building up the base of your workout wear. Various sports brands are coming up with a modernized and improved version of gym shoes or sneakers. Your purpose mitigated with the same. various categories of gym shoes or sneakers are readily available in good fitness stores to cater to your requirements. If you are the one who prefers running or working out, then a particular category of sneakers are available to cater to your requirement. Available in various colors and make, sports shoes of reputed brands will keep you at ease during your rigorous workout session. And, for just walking around or running errands, comfortable slip-on will do the magic.

  • Tasteful Baseball Caps and add-on gym accessories


While doing your workouts, you cannot afford to let your hair hang loose. it will be a constant distracting factor while you burn your calories. A perfect baseball cap helps you to keep your hair in place, while letting you concentrate on your fitness regime. Invest in a simple-looking baseball cap, so that you can pair it with stylish-looking athleisure wear. Moreover, if you want to add-on some more fun to your gym wear, try your hands on sporty head-bands and sweat-bands. To enhance their look and keep at pace with fashion bead bracelets worn on one side, while the other can have a sporty-looking sweat-band.  Not only do they come under the category of practical accessories, but gifts you with a fashionable gym outlook.

Closing views

There are so many styles to choose from, but one has to be wise enough while cherry-picking their comfort workout gear. Try being at pace with today's’ fashion and take a stoic decision on the same. Plan for a fruitful investment, which will be your comprehensive guide to make you comfortable while working out. These above discussed seven athleisure wear would help you to be on par with fashion. It also will keep you under your comfort zone during your daily workouts. 


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