7 Must Have Wine Tasting Attire


Planning a trip to the wine country is very exciting. It could be a date or even a lovely way to enjoy your weekend, but the important part is to be well prepared for the day. The thrill of walking through the luscious vineyards with the gorgeous sunlight falling while swirling a glass of wine is sure to leave you excited. With such as picturesque view you should look your best too. So here are 7 must-haves for your closet to go wine tasting.

  1.    The right footwear: The first thing to have is a proper pair of footwear because the right pair always makes the difference. If you found a winery that provides comfortable seating and a laid-out path to walk, then you are in for a treat. But most of the guided tours through the vineyards will require walking over soggy lawn and mud and hence do not wear pointed heels like you are planning to sip Bird Dog Whiskey at a high-end club. Unless you absolutely hate stepping out in flats prefer wearing shoes or flats as much as possible. You can also carry a pair in your bag that you could change once your tour begins.
If you simply want to sport heels then prefer chunky, block heels which are sturdy. This will make sure you have a comfortable and safe walk through the place and also not ruin your footwear. You should also own a comfortable pair of sneakers or sports shoes from good fitness apparel brands that will pair well with a summer dress and give a perfectly chic look.

  1.   The right clothes: The weather in many of these areas stand quite unpredictable and hence for comfort always carry a jacket or blazer. Most popular wine tasting destinations have upscale restaurants located nearby that you might want to try. So, make sure you do not go too comfortable. Wear something casual yet classy to make sure look simple yet perfect just like the vineyards.

You can sport a casual look with a summer dress and a denim jacket or wear a deep neck blouse with a lovely pair of jeans. Try layering your clothing that can add style as well as comfort. You can wear a comfortable pair of tees with shorts or trousers and layer with a cardigan.

If you are totally out of options then it’s best to go back to the basics. Here casual black dresses come to rescue. Wearing little black dress with a pair of white sneakers is sure to make you comfortable yet classy all through the day.

  1.   Clothing color: It is always wise to stay clear of soft or light colors when it comes to handling wine. Spitting your wine is a part of your wine tasting and hence prefer wearing dark shades that will cover any stains. Use comfortable fabrics that are not too puffy or itchy to make the entire tour a fun experience.
Try wearing bright colors such as red paired with floral prints. A plain bright blue jean paired with a patterned top with flowy sleeves could give a dramatic touch to your vineyard look. You can also try popping colors such as flashy orange or yellow paired with denim or prints. Make it more classy with scarfs and simple accessories.

  1.     Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a must-have part of your wine tasting attire. Not only does it add style but is also very crucial to protect your eyes while you walk through the vineyard soaked in the sun.
Your overall look needs to be casual. Look for appealing and trendy frames. Aviators and cat eye are the preferred styles which will add to your overall look well by giving a retro charm like that of a classic Macallan 18. Try dark glasses and bright colored frames for perfect Instagram pictures.

  1.   Hats and hairstyle:  Leaving your hair down can never go wrong, but wine tasting requires you to stay out all day in the sun. So, to avoid damage to your hair or be worried about feeling hot or uncomfortable pin it up well. A comfortable ponytail would be great while you can also sport a sexy high bun, especially with a short dress. Hats also add a great look to your wine tasting attire and they are also very useful to protect you from the sun. A classy hat of any style that goes well with your look is a must. While Panama hats are the go-to style these days, a beautiful sun hat will pair gorgeously too.

  2.   Bags: It is better to travel light when you are off for a wine tasting. It will be easy to walk around handsfree while tasting the wines. Instead of carrying your usual handbag try to fit only the important items in a small purse that you can keep with you during the tour. A cross bag is especially preferably because this way you wouldn’t have to worry about misplacing your bag.  

  3.    Make-up: A whole day in the sun means you always start with your sunscreen. Make sure to cover all exposed parts well with a high SPF sunscreen before you step out and carry a small pouch along with you. Keep your makeup minimalistic and use soft shades for lip color and eyeshadow. Avoid glossy makeup or excessive cream. It will make your skin greasy and oily. Use a mild perfume or no perfume at all.

If you have planned the tasting with your friends, then try color coordinating. Keep comfort in mind and dress to the point. This way you will have a lovely tasting experience and look jaw-dropping beautiful in your pictures too.

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