5 Must Have Items to Stand Out From The Crowd At This Years Summer Festivals



Festival season is fast approaching...

And, before heading off to your chosen festivals this year we want to make sure you're ready and that includes packing the right items!

But not just any items, oh no, the right items, items that can help you... Stand Out From The Crowd!

What you wear should be fashionable, useful and most of all help showcase your amazing personality!

Chill out at your chosen fest this year with our list of the 5 must have items to stand out from the crowd at this years summer festivals! 

This summers going to be MASSIVE. Isn't it always?! Check our list!


#5 Make your mark with a Graphic Tee

A must have, and the most simplest way to stand out from the crowd at this summers festivals is with a graphic tee. 

We recommend you always take a few options with you to swap out throughout the days, remember, ya gunna sweat heaps! 

Wanna really stand out? Then wear a funky tees with loose-fitting bottoms or shorts (we'd recommend zip pockets chaps!). Ladies you can buy tees oversized and cinch it at the waist with a belt. A winners look. 

Funky tees are the perfect way to keep it casual, cool and most importantly help you to stand out from the crowd at any fest! 

GetRealFunky.com recommends for chicks: Netflix 'N Chill Unisex Tee


GetRealFunky.com recommends for dudes: Classic Meme Bomb Unisex Tee

#4 Chillax with a Hoodie

Even in the UK you often get the sun beaming during the day but you have to think long term when entering festivals.

You're often out in the open for long periods of time so when the element hit, rain, wind or just a bitter cold evening, a hoodie is a must have item! 

Not only that but choosing a funky looking hoodie can show you mean business when it comes to showing your fun personality to others who are attending the fest. 

A hoodie is a must have item when packing for this summers festivals! 

#3 Look cool AF with Snapback Cap

Stand out and be unique with a snapback that no-one else will be styling in this summers festivals.

Snapback's come in many awesome designs but who wants to just look like someone else and sport the usual brands? Not us!!!

We want to have something unique, something that shows just who we are. A snapback that sends a message of who I am, not promote a brand!

If that signs to you check out our range of online exclusive funky snapback caps

GetRealFunky.com recommends for chicks: The QUEEN Gold Edition Snapback Cap


GetRealFunky.com recommends for dudes: The KING Gold Edition Snapback Cap


#2 Sunglasses to keep the sun at bay

Getcha sunnies at the ready!

Sunglasses now come in many weird and wonderful designs, shapes and styles.

In the states its always sunny in the summer so sunglasses have to be in ya bag.

Even in the UK, summertime festivals should be sunny too (fingers crossed!)

So keep your eyes protected and look the bomb at this years hottest festivals wherever in the world you might be by choosing a pair (or two, easily broken!) of sunnies that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

#1 Fanny Pack / Bum Bag just cos

Don't miss out! 50% Off The Military Fanny Pack! While stock lasts!! Buy now!

It had to be the number one place on the list! It just had to be!!

Whatever you want to call them - bum bags, fanny packs, waist bags, small backpacks - whateverzs - we all know just how stylist and useful these ickle bags can be at festivals!

Perfect to store your cash (don't take any cards with you!), sunnies, chewing gum - and who knows what else (wink!). Best of all these can be used not just at festivals but also on your jolly hols and next time you hit the clubs! 

Bum bags and fanny packs were made for the summer festival! All you have to decide is which one helps you stand out from the crowds expected at this years summers festivals!

GetRealFunky.com recommends for chicks: The Funky Flamingo Bum Bag Fanny Pack


GetRealFunky.com recommends for dudes: The Cheeky Monkey Bum Bag Fanny Pack


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What are your must have items can't for summers festivals?! Comment below! 


  • Posted on by Dan Elson (Founder)

    Thanks all for your comments! Really appreciated :)

    Keep Funky! x

  • Posted on by sarah camille

    Ahh that flamingo fanny pack is so fun! For a festival, I’m sure that would actually be quite practical too. :-)

  • Posted on by Esperanza Scotto

    I haven’t been to a music festival in years! I may have to go to another one soon!

  • Posted on by Rebecca White

    You definitely have some stand out pieces. Love concert attire. You can have so much fun just from watching people and their clothes.

  • Posted on by Sandra Negron

    I’ve been wanting to go to more summer festivals this year, they seem like such fun. Thanks for this cool round up, super helpful!

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