Need money to rock any style like Celebs???No...Here are 10 affordable ways to replicate a celeb's look today

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Who does not want to be a glam-diva in their definitive style? Celebs have always been in news for their classy looks and their fans admire them for such great styles. Corsets are one of the styles that are not just trendy but can also easily get a fix into your stringent budgets.

If you believe in setting trends with your ultimate styles, here are the 10 affordable ways to replicate a Celeb’s travel look:

1. Balance with proportions

Playing with proportions is the key to recreate a celeb fashion. From your shoes to hemlines and sleeves, it is important to strike a perfect balance. If you are going for a short skirt, pairing it with a long-sleeved blouse and flat bellies can work exceptionally. To accentuate a colorful corset dress, you need to keep your footwear simple like ankle boots.

2. Fetch a statement piece

Fetch a statement piece

A statement jacket or a statement bag, anything that grabs a quick attention is a great way to emulate as a celebrity. Add a bold look to your persona with brighter shades like red. An oversized coat over a pinstripe corset and pencil skirt is another way to show-off a distinct style. A calf length coat with a striking stud or a short fur coat can also work exceptionally provided your corset dresses are partially visible. From fabrics to patterns and colors, each factor plays a vital role in selecting a perfect statement piece.

3. Play with patterns

Mix and Match is one of the keys to celebs fashion. Playing with different patterns gives a distinguished style to your attire. Two patterns with same base color or two colors in the same pattern can work wonders. Contrasting shades red and black also gives a magical effect to your attire.

4. Accentuate your simplest corset dresses with a statement accessory

Accentuate your simplest corset dresses with a statement accessory

Pick up your simplest black & red corset dress and accessorize it with an exceptional piece to give a rocking look to yourself. Celebs love to pick such subtle dresses and team them up with striking accessories to redefine their look. A bold choker style statement necklace or a pair of dazzling chandelier style earrings can be a perfect choice for that matter. Try to keep your outfit simple to accentuate your statement accessory. A Duchess satin corset can be perfectly complemented with a large frame goggles and a bib necklace.

5. All-time celebs favorite Sneakers

All-time celebs favorite Sneakers

Long blazer topped dresses call for a subtle footwear like sneakers that not just give comfort but also add a great style to your personality. This sporty footwear is perfectly wearable irrespective of locale or season. An ivory floral corset over-bust dress and a huge handbag with a comfortable pair of sneakers, can your travel be more comfortable than this?

6. Long layer over your Royal Blue Brocade corset dress

A reminiscent celeb style can be created by pairing your favorite shift dress with a long coat over it. A piece of advice worth considering here is the sync between the colors between the two. Compliment your simple monochromatic dress with a duster length sweater and fetch numerous compliments for your exceptional styling sense.

7. Monochromatic is surely in

Using the different hues of the same color gives you a chic look. A celebrity-worth statement demands the correct synchronization of colors. Consider your accessories like handbag or pair of shoes to be in the sink for that matter as well. A simple white dress with a white jacket with a white handbag can give you a perfect celeb-look.

8. Elegance with a chic ‘n’ cozy scarf

Along with knee-high boots and a studded camo jacket, add an influence to your corset top with a Chic scarf. Wrap this piece-of-art in a turtleneck format and let the world adore you for your perfect style-sense. For a simple corset, a floral print scarf will be a great choice. Alternatively, you can pick up different patterns of your scarf and corset with same base color.  A perfect attire if you are planning to hit the road on your motorbike.

9. Pick up a pop color

Pick up a bright color to flaunt a piece that must stand out from rest of your outfit. A colorful piece can outshine your otherwise regular outfit. Your red corset under a long Jacket can make you stand out of crowd. An elegant corset in red taffeta with a striking bright-colored handbag is another way to grab the attention of every onlooker. Avoid using several brighter hues together as it will exaggerate you style adversely.

10. Sunglasses have always been a great choice

Sunglasses have always been a great choice

Besides protecting your delicate eyes from harsh sunlight during travel, Sunglasses plays a vital role in giving away a perfect celeb looks. Broader frames in vintage style will surely declare you as a fashion fiesta among your peer group. Try two-toned lenses to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to your attire. If you are planning to go will colorful frames, don’t forget to add some colors to your dress as well. If a designer pair of sunglasses is a costly affair for you, don’t shy away in picking up a budget-friendly pair which reflects your true persona. A beautiful crop top with denim shorts and a trendy pair of black sunglasses will make you sizzle as a show-stopper.  

With these simple tips, you can give an exceptional look to your corset without pinching your pockets. Don’t forget to pick a handy set of Corralejo Tequila while you are traveling to make your trip fun and memorable.


Jessica Smith is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for True Corset for some time now. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures

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